Better days ahead.

That too shall pass.. Whatever you going through, I want you to remember there will be better days …actually better days already exist ahead of you.

“All things” be it good or bad “work together for the good of those who love God”…you might not see it now, God is for you and not against you.

I just wanted to remind you that what ever you are going through, it is memory of another day, filled with wisdom, power,peace and sound, and it shall definitely pass.

God is with you


How does it feel to live a lie?

No honestly, how does it feel? Does if feel like some kind of accomplishment…now that you have managed to make us believe your lie about your own life, how do you feel? Does it give you epaulets? Do you end up believing your own lies too??

For how long will we continue to do this to self? We know deep inside we struggle with the lies we expose our selves to, simply because we want to be portrayed a certain way. Acting like we don’t have weaknesses, we don’t fall or fail… Look its all part of life…

Why do we live for people, waste so many year being miserable. Do you know how peace feels like, it feels like honesty, like truth.. Its awesome, it feels great.

God has made us differently and well that’s for a reason, your story will be different as well. Be the real you, it is going to work out…you owe your self that much this year.

Will the authentic you please stand up?


Forgiveness is boss

Before we cross over to 2019, I just wanted to assure you that what almost everyone is saying about forgiveness is true…it frees you..

It is important to ask for forgiveness, don’t just say I’ve forgiven them, genuinely ask for it…whether you were wrong a little bit or a big bit learn to ask for forgiveness, sometimes we need to ask for forgiveness to ourselves… Yes go look at yourself in the mirror and genuinely ask for forgiveness…

Being bitter is costly, it costs you time and robs you of your character…

There is freedom in forgiveness, it lifts off the heaviness we carry all over.

Be who you are

Imagine reliving one day the rest of your life, where you have no control over some things and the only thing you can control is yourself.

We face different things everytime, be it good or bad by now we know we can not expect things to go our way everytime. Life has a way of taking it’s turn always, it is unpredictable and perhaps that’s the way it should be.

We face tough times at times, times that when you even try to picture if tomorrow will be a better day, you see it not. Circumstances should make us better people and not bitter. No matter who has done you wrong, let love reign in your life and most importantly in your heart.

We might not be able to control the things that God can only control, but we can control who we are at all times.

What you do today matters in the moment and in infinity.

Let’s let love reign yall


Sitting in blankets and thinking deep about life.

Shugs when did we get to become so big, with responsibilities and stuff. It is even Scarry thinking about tomorrow and what it holds for us.

Some of us didn’t think we would be where we are today, doing what we do but heeey girl/boo truth is we are here and we need to work even harder to be where we need to be.

I was stalking Mamokgethi the UCT vice chancellor day before yesterday, she is super awesome hey!! Boo such a young person at heart.. What I am trying to say is nobody just get recognition without the work being done,be it good recognition or bad but there has to be work done for you to be recognized. She is where she is by working hard. Nobody said it will be easy but hey boo we have to keep pushing.

When we fall let’s pick ourselves, just don’t give up.

We are getting there son!!


Deep calls unto deep

Nothing ever happens unless you go deep.

We are called to be wonderful, and wonders comes with efforts and energy. Do not give up on you dream, try again and again, things will work out.

Imagine giving up now, then what! That particular thing you have dreamt of for so many years, it has to unveil in time. You have worked so hard to let something that small make you quit. We are generational people .

P.s Mulane