Welcoming you to 2020

Hi everyone Trust that you all are well and already having a soothing 2020. I would like to welcome you back to my blog, keep your notifications on as you do not want to miss any content this season. Wishing you a lovely, beautiful , peaceful and prosperous 2020.😘😘

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We live in a generation that has re-defined the meaning of faithfulness to comfort us. It is sad how we think we doing others a favour by being faithful or should I say by looking faithful. We very seldom think of ourselves when we think of faithfulness, it almost feels like we doing others justice…

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Your voice echos within me

I can never un-know you no matter what the situation, not even when I try to snub the feeling of your passing. It feels so unreal that you were here, yet are not here. I used to see you, touch you and speak to you. At times you would chase me around… And now and…

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There is something about authenticity that we are missing, it is not the perfection that we meditate upon, without blemishes, spots and all those “faultiness” that we often seek to hide from the public. Most often authenticity is well defined by failure, flaws, errors, weaknesses, miscarriages, breakdowns, insufficiences, inefficiencies, unfitness, halts, interruptions, breaks, spots, acne,…

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She said yes!

In front of everyone she said “Yes!” The yes was not just directed to the good times but subconsciously to the challenges we were to meet in the future too, I chose her not just that day but I chose her for the tomorrow’s we were to have, meaning I had decided to choose her…

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A heart so heavy

From the 2nd of Nov 2018 to the 29th of March 2019 I wept😥😭😭 every night, every morning thinking it was all a joke or a mistake, thinking it will come back, thinking I was robbed. Day in, day out the feeling never left me, and every memory reminded me of how ungrateful I was,…

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